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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vintage Valentine Postcards & Altered Art Projects for 2010

Good Morning!  It is January 3, 2010 already!  I'm  working on some Valentine's Day altered art projects.  I love vintage postcards and glitter!  Yes, lots of GLITTER!  I remember an animated movie, where a strange little crow just loved his "sparklies".  Well, I guess I'm like that .  I love glass beads, suncatchers, and I love glitter.  If it catches the light, I like it.

For this particular project,  I took a vintage Valentine's Day postcard image, digitally altered it to a 3x2 inch size, accented with soft pink glitter, backed it with soft pink and white paisley decorative paper, and sandwiched between glass, then soldered the edges.  I use only lead-free solder.  I then bent 18 gauge silver wire into a fun 3 loop shape, and then soldered it to the top edge as you can see in the photo.  To the bottom edge, I soldered a 6mm jump ring, then hung a vintage light pink teardrop faceted crystal and vintage jadeite green bead.  It turned out well, nice heavy quality, and after adding the ribbon for hanging, this can be hung from cabinet knobs just like you would a decorative tassel, or hang from your Valentine's Day tree, or keep for use as a Christmas ornament.  It makes a great little gift also.  Overall, the length is 6 inches from the top of the 3 loop edge, to the bottom of the pink crystal, so this is a very nice large size, and much more beautiful in person, as the photo just doesn't show the glitter and polished silver edges of the piece well, but I hope you get the idea

I have 2 more of these in different images and accents.  I'll be adding those photos to my blog later today.  I have never had much luck with New Year's resolutions and wish that I could vow to make at least 1 art project each day for the remainder of 2010.  I doubt I would be able to stick to that intention, but we'll see.  I hope you'll check back later today to see the other 2 projects in their completion.

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