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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Glitter Palette

What at first appears to be a sewing box full of thread, actually is my new palette of glitter.  I originally was in search of a fine red glitter, but found this set, with every color I can think that I would use over the next year.  *Gulp*, yes it is Martha Steward brand, but my gosh I have to say the glitter is very fine in texture, and wonderful to use.  I have actually used what I thought was a great amount of red, only the bottle still looks unused, so this set will go a long way, and last for a very long time.  This glitter is nothing like I used back in school, the larger flaky type.  It had its great use, but this finer, almost dustlike glitter is very appealing, and wonderful for my altered art projects. If I were working on a large banner for a special occasion, that would hang from a fireplace mantel, cabinet, etc, then I would use the larger flake glitter available in school or office supply sections of your local department store.   Just thought I would share this set.  I do recommend it to anyone for their art projects.  Okay, which reminds me, I need to get busy and finish the project I'm working on, so I can post here on my blog. 
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