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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Typewriter Key & Soldered Initial Pendant Jewelry

Digitally layering artistic elements in tiny spaces such as this can be time consuming, but the result is appealing.  A simple faux typewriter key, digitally layered on artistic paper, and graphic elements resulted in a very special necklace. 

An old world sepia toned decorative paper backs this, and both sandwiched between glass, soldered, then adding a handbeaded necklace with color coordinated beads, and charming little dangle.  I use only lead free solder.  I used a decoratived edge copper foil tape for this, which adds to the eclectic charm of this piece.

The pendant itself is approx 1.25 inches square.  When wiring each bead together gives the chain the look similar to a rosary chain.  I have listed this piece in my Etsy store at  Of course, the piece will be made to order, with initial of your choice, and necklace length of choice. 

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