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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Simply Snowflakes

I posted earlier, that I wish so very much, to be able to post a completed project each day during 2010, but I'm sure that is not possible.  However, I definitely will post several each week as I find time to find my solace in my little studio, Pumpkin Moon Studio.  Did I ever tell you, that my studio is a wonderful little log cabin, constructed of logs that are over 100 years old, and originally part of a barn in Leipers Fork, Tennessee?  And my very talented son, Ben, a carpenter by trade, was very instrumental in the creation of the cabin?  Well, he was.  Each log was cut down and hand hewn, resulting in a 14x14 ft cabin, complete with chinking, and Ben built the front porch himself.  He and several others involved in its construction had to piece the cabin together far from its intended resting place, in order to number each log, like a puzzle, so that when all the logs arrived onsite, they simply reconstructed the puzzle, and began to chink, and the porch was last. 

On that porch sits an antique rocker and old wooden boxes that house wonderful primitive treasures.  And if you turn the knob on the old multi-paned door, and step inside, you'll see my torch and cubbyholes full of glass rods of every color of the rainbow, and a small sitting area with old fireplace mantel, with an old oval braided rug in front, and 2 rockers, one for me, and a small pint size rocker for the grandkids.  And in the opposite corner, an old Hoosier kitchen cabinet, full of vintage utensils, grubby candles, and old yelloware crockery bowls, the things I collect..  And this my friend, is my playhouse, my solace, where I can work, create and venture into my world that is far from the normal work day, and where my grandchildren can venture through the looking glass and back. 

And at the close of a much treasured small span of time, filled with creativity, with a little tiny hand grasping mine, we go back through the multi-paned glass door, back to the porch, and on to the house, back to reality, and we sigh together, and we smile, because we know the next trip to the studio, is yet another adventure and another beginning.

It is cold here, and today I took a beautiful little snowflake from a very special Christmas card from my Mother, and I placed my little Tiffany Blue background golden snowflake, and encased it in glass and soldered it to use as a pendant.  A little treasure, a memory, to be worn on these cold snowy days, and a sweet warming reminder that I am loved by my family and friends.  Today is my Birthday!  Thank you to my family, friends, acquaintances and to GOD, for making this my SPECIAL DAY.

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