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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I DIDN'T GET IT....The Owls you Know?

When I first started seeing all the owls on, I just didn't get it.  Owls?  Whoo-Knew? LOL  But they took off and of course eventually, though I didn't get the attraction, it was contagious to say the least, and to the drawing board I went and started creating some personalized products with of course, "OWLS"...

Then just when I think, wooo-hooo, I'm trendy again, my niece tells me the next craze will be peacocks.  So what is it with the birds?  And peacocks now?  Just when I'm trying to be creative with OWLS?  .... :)

So, now I have owls, and I guess the peacocks will have to wait.  I have note cards, address labels, calling cards, whatever you might want personalized, WITH OWLS...and a little damask.

So, I'm wondering what matter of fowl will be next????  How do I start my own trend?  I guess that question is for "the birds"......

LOL...address labels are available in my ebay store:  pumpkinmoonstudio

~time to fly~!

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