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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Well, the weather has taken a turn for the worst again, rain, sleet, now snow.  Unfortunately, the local salt trucks never came our way today.  Not sure if they are out of salt, or if no one knew about the weather change.  Alas, we are inside and warm.  With the arrival of January comes TAX preparation, and I have been so busy with my "regular" job.   Tonight I plan on previewing fabrics online, trying to decide on the lining and the outside cover of the lampshade I'm working on.  Again, I cannot wrap the frame with silk yet, as I haven't decided on the fabrics. 

I thought I would at least try and keep you interested by showing you a lamp shade that I did finish awhile back.  It now graces my bedside end table.  The beaded fringe is about 6 to 7 inches long and captures the light so well.  After finishing it, I proudly showed it to my brother, who immediately commented on the shape resembling a woman's hips.  GO FIGURE...typical male....but it does resemble an old fashioned courset I think.  My hips haven't looked like that since I was as teenager..LOL...

Oh, and so you know, every piece of a handmade lamp shade, is completely handsewn.  It took me 3 weeks to complete this shade.  I worked an hour or so each day..  You can click on the photograph so that it will enlarge so you can see it better.

If you know me well, you will know that I love primitives, and my home is full of vintage old primitive collectibles.  But when it comes to my bedroom, it is "foo-foo girly and shabby chic" in looks.

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