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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Handcarving Your Own Rubber Stamps

Just a quick update for you.  I haven't wrapped my lampshade frame yet, and that is because I have to pick out my fabrics for the lining and the outside.  The silk ribbon that I will wrap the wire with, will have to be dyed to match the fabrics.  Just so you know, I haven't put that project aside, just haven't gotten my fabric choices.  Hard to get out of here and go shopping to find some, with the harsh winter and snow we've had. 

So, onto a quick project that I "tried" today while Gary had my computer occupied.  I have seen some of the cutest handcarved rubber stamps on  I thought it would be a neat little rainy or snowy day project, so out came the linoleum cutter, tracing paper, and pencil.  Of course, you need some red carving rubber.  Had to order that online, but it is inexpensive.  Now, believe me when I tell you this is my FIRST attempt, and the stamp is ugyly ugly, but I like the fact that I tried...**gulp**.  I cannot stand not knowing how to work in a new medium that I have noticed out there in the creative land. 

I have some vintage images from the 1940s that I have saved, and I chose this little bird on a branch.  Overall about 1.5 inches wide.  So you trace the image on tracing paper, then you turn it upside down on your rubber and use your fingernail, or a bone folder to rub the image onto the rubber.  Then you begin to carve.  I know, I know, the finished stamp is ugly and I need to clean it up and make the edges of the image more sharper.  Also, I didn't have a good ink stamp pad, only this turquoise thing.  But, you can at least get an idea.  Gary will cut me a small piece of wood to mount it to, and I'll treasure it as my first attempt.  I hope to get better, as I would like to hand carve one for each of my grandchildren, with a drawing of my own, and their names.  A keepsake of sorts.  Ok, now for the photos. can laugh, but not too hard please LOL.  Oh, and there are some good tutorial videos on of artists showing how to do this, and if you want to see some of the cute ones out there, just do a search on for "hand carved rubber stamp"....

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