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Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have such a desire to restore a vintage small camper, and go camping with it this summer.  My sister has one for sale, and I'm trying very hard to talk my husband into buying it.  I want it restored into retro colors.  I know I can create the new curtains, upholster the benches, refloor it, and have new cabinets built, etc.  It would be fun, just gotta convince my hubbie to dive into this with me.  Here is the vintage little guy, that I want to "fix up" and use.  I tease her and call it "Red Rover".  The first is her trailer, and the second photo is what this camper could become!  When she first got it, I teased her and drew a cartoon, put it on a coffee cup, with the caption, "Hitched By a Bitch"....which made us both laugh and crack up over it.  Neither of us right now could probably hitch it to our vehicles without a little help from the husbands. LOL....  So here is how Red Rover looks now....and below it, how it could look. The second photo is of a restoration I saw on the internet. I'm always surfing the internet, looking at vintage trailers and campers, and information on how to restore them.  I think I would go with a pastel color instead of the red.

And here a drawing I created, vintage inspired of course!

I actually have note cards that I sell with the vintage camper on it, in different colors in my Ebay Store, which are personalized with your name, or quotes.  The link is on the right side of my blog.  I also used the above image, along with some tropical palm trees, etc, and had my own fabric designed at  I plan on making myself a blouse out of it.  Pretty cool to have fabric with my own artwork on it.  I'll post a of photo of the fabric soon.  The pattern you see below repeats itself, so hard to imagine without seeing the finished product.  But below this, you will see how the pattern repeats, and makes GREAT fabric.

So, I hope you all are having a great weekend, and dreaming up
Spring and Summer projects like me LOL.....

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