Robbie White ~ Artist

Friday, February 4, 2011

It All Starts with a Little Black Line

Yes, it is that simple!  I start with a simple black pen and ink drawing.  A "toon" so to speak.  Whimsical and from my heart.  My siblings tell me that my artwork makes them smile.  They have never seen what originally gets thrown onto the drawingboard, and jumps back off into a finished little work.  So, here goes.  Yes, a simple black pen and ink drawing.  All lines must gaps!   Then I scan it into my computer.  Then I proceed to digitally color it.  I then print it out, and begin to highlight with magic markers and colored pencils.  Once again, scanning into my computer to "save" and "tweek" my finished product.  It will be used on note cards, calling cards, labels, stickers, or whatever.  So, here is a finished work, that started with a simple black line.

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