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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vintage Chandeliers and Mardi Gras

Good morning all!  My hubby got home after being gone for a month.  It is great having him back for a few days before he heads out to work again.  My honey-do list grew so long, and since the weather is somewhat warmer, he said he would try and tackle a few of the major issues around the ridge today. 

Last night "Spanky" called, a truly wonderful friend of ours from the days that he and Gary served in the Navy.  It seems those Navy boys all seem to have nicknames for each other, and Randy has always been affectionately called, "Spanky" by Gary and of course me.  Well, the call was an invitation to attend Mardi Gras, and as much as I would love to, just once in my life, sadly we cannot, as our jobs won't warrant that at this time.  Maybe next year Spanky!!! :)

I do love New Orleans!~  I have been there twice in my life and the architecture and wrought iron ornate balconies against old clapboard and brick buildings is so romantic and old world.  Crowns abound everywhere along with the famous fleur de lis, and the downtown sparkles to me.  I look past all the voodoo shops and avoid that part, but all the bright costumes, beads, and anything that sparkles catches my eye.  I think New Orleans has recovered much better than expected after Katrina, and if you ever get there, make sure you go to the French Quarter that I'm so infatuated with and sit and have a cup of coffee and one of their famous beignets, at the Cafe Du Monde.   Be prepared to step into white powdered sugar everywhere!  Very sticky place, but ooo lah lah, the coffee is GREAT, the beignets are great, and it is a landmark for sure.  But go during the day! 

And of course speaking of sparkling....I used an old vintage aurora borealis faceted crystal chandelier prism as the focal point of a necklace I just listed in my Etsy Store.  Accented with a crown charm and silver chain.  It catches the light and sends rainbows of sparkles all over, surely an eyecatcher and like a suncatcher..LOL...  I have a thing for glass as you might already know.  Old prisms are stacked in small boxes and drawers, and I buy any that I see that are unusual in color, shape, and size. I guess I'll have to admit being a hoarder of sorts. LOL...

Have a wonderful Thursday!  Still looking for fabric for that shade.  Might have to wait until my hubby goes back to work.

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