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Friday, July 22, 2011


Today, my husband Gary, had the day off.  We decided to take a short drive south of Green Cove Springs, and check out any antique or junk shops we could find. 

Have you ever saw something, didn't buy it, then later regretted it because you just couldn't get it off your mind, only to go back several days later and the item is GONE!  Well, I have.  After seeing a neat old antique firkin, and after Gary convinced me that I didn't "need" it, we left and went to another store.

On our way back home, I just flat told him, "I'm going back for that firkin!".  Of course, he sat in the truck because he was not very agreeable about it, but he knows by now, that when I'm determined, he best just let me have my way, LOL.  He argued a little asking why I needed it, when I had so many already.  But, I convinced him it would add to, or complete the stack.

I used to be embarrassed and too shy to ask if vendors give discounts, etc, but not today.  I managed to get a nice discount off the price, and carried my treasure back to the truck.  I don't think Gary believed me, so had to show him the receipt.. :)

After getting home, and cleaning off the dust, I sandwiched it in between the others in my stack!  The "new" old firkin is the second one from the bottom, and Gary finally nodded and agreed it did seem to complete the graduated stack.  Of course, I will always be on the watch for another because I feel one more may squeeze in there. ; )

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