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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Wow, this year is now 1/2 over and it has been a roller coaster.  Moving from Tennessee to Florida zapped me, drained me physically and emotionally, but just about the time I start poking my head back into my world I realize 1/2 the year is gone.  So, its time for me to get up and get going here, and with my art.

All the boxes are still not unpacked, but enough to start some new projects.  I wear many hats when it comes to creativity.  I like too many different mediums, but its all good.  Maybe it is best that some boxes remain sealed until I have more room to spread it all out. LOL.  We are only renting here for a year, so we'll see how it goes.

I have been doing some graphic design work.  My friend Susie needed a new banner for Etsy, so here is the end result.  You'll have to check out her offerings there when she gets her Etsy shop up and running.

A little primitive and a little vintage retro, but all good things from the old farmhouse pantry and kitchen. 

Also, I've been working on my new picturetrail for Pumpkin Moon Primitives.  I love early primitive decor and collectibles, and decided to expand my presence online by trying it.  I have wanted to have my own website, and this is the next best thing for me. 

This is my ad above that will appear in the August issue of Mercantile Gatherings magazine.   Hopefully, it will generate customers to my picturetrail site and encourage other prim lovers to swap banners with me.  The treasure hunt itself, to find neat primitive items is a wonderful hobby that my husband and I enjoy together. 

So here is a link to:

I hope you will check it out.  Right now, I'm still photographing and frantically listing items, so that when the August issue is shipped, I'm ready.  Of course, I still continue to sell my personalized items on Ebay and Etsy, but I'm excited about this new venture.  Well, the coffee cup needs to be refilled, the hubby is off to work, so best get busy myself.

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