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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This morning I began my projects that will appear on the website, on March 15th.  I've chosen a fairly complicated project that starts with this block of clay.
And let me apologize for the poor quality of this photograph.  This is an air dry clay, and I actually find it somewhat difficult to work with at first, usually getting too much water on my hands, but eventually, characters begin to take shape.  This morning it took about and hour and 1/2 to handsculpt 2 rabbits, 2 bluebirds, and 1 duck or chick.  Though the birds seem lifeless and plain, the final result will be much more whimsical.

Now the rabbits were a bit more complicated, and each one seems to take on their own personality as the projects progress.

The heads will now sit and dry for several days or possibly up to a week, then each one will be handpainted and used to create some Spring designs.  I won't tell you just what I'll be making, but will post the projects in their completion when I'm done.  Now, I must get back to work, as I have orders to be filled on Ebay.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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