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Friday, September 14, 2012


I haven't gotten to the beach as much as I would have liked so far this summer, but I love my short day trips to St. Augustine, Florida, where I stroll through the old city and those fun little shops.  I have taken time for those days of searching for treasures and trinkets to play with.

One little tourist shop in particular, sells gorgeous seashells of all sizes, shapes, and colors, including these wonderful pencil starfish.  Of course, they come plain, but I embellished these with glass 1/2 bubbles, messages, and accented with vintage rhinestones.

A light coating of the finest glitter I've seen is the first step.  I might experiment with colored glitter on some others I have, but this sweet simple shimmer just reminded me of the sparkling seaform of the ocean.  The 1/2 bubble glass domes remind me of water bubbles and of course, little messages underneath make me think of mermaids, sending messages ashore.  Yes, I guess I'm dreaming of the sea right now. My next day trip that I can squeeze into my schedule, may have to include a stroll down the sandy beach for more inspiration.  Thought I would share these with you. 

I think these turned out quite BEACH CHIC! :)
If you click on the photograph, it will enlarge so you can see detail.

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