Robbie White ~ Artist

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Each year, here in the small town of Smithville, Tennessee, thousands of people gather for the annual Smithville Fiddlers Jamboree,   The streets are filled with vendors, muscians gather under the trees around the square, and practice their art before their scheduled performances.  Cloggers tap and twirl across the stage during their competition, and everyone seems to tolerate the heat of summer during this festive time.  At night, you'll hear bluegrass music, banjos and fiddles in each campsite, as old friends and competitors once again are able to hang out with each other.  It is always fun to stroll around the courthouse square, and check out all the artists and crafters that come to sell their wares.  Several city blocks are roped off, and filled with white tents, full of fun things.  This year, I'll have my grandkids here, and we'll share ice cream and funnel cakes, and I'll try to keep up with them as they run from booth to booth, looking for something of interest to them.  Then later the night of the 4th, the fireworks begin and another 4th of July will come to a close.  With that, the tents will come down, the stage broken down and stored again until next year.  Sweet freedom, something that all Americans should not take for granted, for these little peaceful celebrations all over the country would not be possible if it were not for our freedom, and so I thank our servicemen for their contribution, the most precious thing they can be giving, their lives.  As a military Mom, I'm very proud of my son, and I'm proud of his wife and kids.  Families that have to go for long periods of time and not see their spouses and parents.  This year, I hope everyone will remember what the cost of freedom was and still is. 

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