Robbie White ~ Artist

Saturday, June 12, 2010


There is nothing like sweet amber honey, especially when you use the honey collected from the area where you live.  One of the purest foods known to mankind with so many medicinal benefits, including boosting our immunities and more.  Instead of an energy drink, why not eat honey.  There is such a wonderful recipes out there in internet land.  I now use honey in my coffee and tea instead of sugar.  It is delicious.  When I acquired these beautiful faceted glass beads, and held them to the light, the warm honey glow color was so beautiful, and of course, I decided these earrings had to include a reminder of the source, tiny little bees.  Our gardens and flower are buzzing with the little critters and we give them their headway, and do not interfere with their daily chores of collecting the precious pollen and nectar.  The glass is accented with antiqued brass findings, and give these earrings a vintage victorian look.  I'm very pleased with how these turned out.  One day I hope to have a big grand straw beeskep in my garden, but for now, will just watch them work.

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