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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Primitive Keeping Room Candle Charms

The deadline for my new listings for The Primitive Gathering is soon approaching, and with that my head has been spinning with new ideas for fun primitive ideas.  I have been limited on updating my blog due to a 2 to 4 week  fight with illness, but much better, the head is getting clearer, leaving room for those crazy ideas I have floating around.

Last month my creations were centered around Spring, rabbits, and Easter, and I thank all my family, friends, and Blog followers for all your wonderful comments, encouragement, and purchases.  I love and appreciate everyone of you.   

Spring is still in the air, with a slight nip of winter still blowing through the cracks in this old farmhouse.  If you know me personally, and have seen my home, you will know that I decorate very primitive ( the photo shown is a collection of dolls from my friend and favorite Folk Artist, Susan Grant ).  My husband laughs and teases me, and tells me that it is actually "primitive poverty"....a term that actually he heard from me, when describing what my friend Susie's husband said.....I banter back and laugh, and call my decor "Shanty Chic".  Bottom line, he doesn't understand how a very old tattered and torn wing chair costs more than a new virgin vinyl contemporary chair from the local discount furniture store.

Then our discussion centers around the value of that old tattered wing chair.  I argue about the skeleton of the chair, good hardwood, fine detail, and though the outside is ripped to shreds, the inside is strong.  As for that virgin vinyl chair at the local discount furniture store?  Well.....if you have ever purchased any pressboard or fiberboard based piece....well, the first drop of water or humidity in the air, and that piece starts to crumble.  I've thrown 2 computer desks away in the past 4 years from that. They weigh a ton, but are worth absolutely nothing.   Now, as of today, I have a wonderful antique 2 plank solid wood old primitive farm table that now serves as my computer table. 

I encourage my children, who now have their own families and homes, to buy good strong vintage or antique furniture.  If they need to resale, they stand to get back what they have into it, or more.

Now, I best get back finishing my items for  I'll post tomorrow, a preview of my new items.  Please let me know what you think.   Oh, and before I forget, my husband Gary said that I must now figure out how to re-upholster the 2 wing chairs, because it is too expensive to have it done professionally.  If I begin to tackle that, I'll definitely blog about my adventures in upholstery work LOL.

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