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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Palm Tree Froze!

It was so cold here last night, my begonias turned black.  I brought them up on a covered porch, but forgot to cover them.  ***sniff***  Gary babied those suckers all summer, just to lose them because I forgot!  Well, I guess a trip to the nursery around March will find me buying more Dragon Wing Begonias.  I love them!  They get so big and beautiful.  We stashed our ferns in the shed, and I'm so hoping they made it.  It went down to 22 degrees here in North Florida area!  I've seen colder growing up here, but was so hoping not to have to deal with anything below 32 degrees this winter.  But, can't be helped and I'm thankful the water pump didn't freeze, crack, break, lose water etc.    Nothing like going to the grocery store this morning all bundled up with scarf, gloves, long sleeve shirt, but wearing capris...LOL....Just couldn't pull those long pants out just yet! LOL....

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