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Monday, March 14, 2011

Those Boots Are Made For Walking But The Earrings are for GO-Going

I love vintage beads and this pair of deco pink ones from the 1950s inspired a pair of rocking GO GO earrings.  I couldn't resist pairing them up with this photo of a pair of pink books.  NO, the boots are not mine, just a photograph I found out in space.  This is simply a fun pair of earrings, and reminds me of the days of Goldie Hawn and the show Laugh In.  Sometimes my creative side migrates back in time to the 1960s....oh I guess I'm telling my age now..!  I have these listed in my etsy store.  More later, it has been a very busy day, and this new time change always messes me up until I can get adjusted to it.  Seems the day just goes so fast.

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