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Monday, January 9, 2012

Help the Smoke Alarms are Going Off!

Yikes!  Today is it!  Double Nickle Time!  I think I'm the speed limit now...LOL... Yes, today January 9th, is my 55th birthday.  I'm very thankful to see another year.  The grandkids got me the sweetest little tea rose bush to keep in the house.  I'll have to take extra care with it.  My husband got to work this morning, and made a quick call back home....Ooops...forgot to tell you Happy Birthday!  He was so scared I would tear his head off on the phone....LOL...Lots of friends and family on Facebook have been wishing me well, and it is greatly appreciated to be greeted with so many wishes for a great day this morning!  So, with that, I'll quickly close.  Got orders to fill, and jewelry to design. 

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